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A portfolio manager is an entity who has obtained license from SEBI [the securities regulator in India] to pay attention to investing client’s funds as per client’s instructions.

Wide variety of portfolio managers in India, some do just equity, some equity with a dash of fixed income, some do all. Ask to figure if service meets your need and then pay attention to details. Some are clueless, get paid till you pay attention, anyways.

No. SEBI registration only says regulatory requirements met. SEBI does not approve the services offered. SEBI does not certify accuracy or adequacy of disclosure, lookup data, ask around, before choosing.

Most service providers will do their best to resolve your issue, in the unlikely event of big delay while you are right, click

Yes. All investments bear risk, you should read up and feel confident that the PMS will manage the unknown tomorrow better than you, for want of time or other priorities, no one will value your money like you.

Discretionary [ no, not a Tharoor word]: it means we will execute based on our understanding of what you want, in terms of cash flow & milestones, you will not make the calls. We do that only for equity, not debt. We charge a management fee, profit-share above hurdle and some costs.

Non-Discretionary: we will advise on equity and debt, you decide; execution, custodian, third-party fund accounting platform, is what is on offer here. We charge a management fee and some costs depending on your choice of service, no profit share, for it is basically your call.

Advisory: we do this for fixed income, we suggest what the emphasis should be on in period[safety/yield], we suggest AAA%, we suggest duration, we suggest single security exposure. Security held directly in your name, we charge for suggestion, third-party fund accounting and some costs.

Pelican PE Fund deploys funds based on market valuation indicated by Nifty PE and exits when valuations are euphoric in a stable growing economy. Click here for presentation on method and here for model portfolio.

1. Only strategy that holds position without churn till complete exit(5 to 7 years).
2. Only strategy that exits 100% and hold zero position in stocks.
3. Only strategy with 100% in cash for long periods when overall market is euphoric.
4. Only strategy that identifies and names stocks in which funds are deployed before you invest.

No, it holds for many years (5 to 7) till the overall market is euphoric in a stable growing economy. Low Churn keeps transaction costs low and gives time for underlying cashflow to grow, time is a friend of companies with quality cashflow growth.

Individuals, Partnerships, LLPs, Family Trusts, Private Limited Companies, Trusts, Public Limited Companies, NRI’s and FPI’s.

For Equity: those who have surplus that they can ignore for 5 to 7 years, ideally 10 to 15 years, so that corpus achieves escape velocity beyond what you can spend.

For Debt: credit risk can be managed by “AAA”, interest rate risk can be managed by “Duration”, reinvestment risk [lower interest 5 years down the line] is an unknown. do not put money in debt, unless tenor less than say 5 years, we suggest as we can, in the meanwhile.

Account creation and investment process is online. You provide and verify your information electronically. Email or/and WhatsApp and some OTP does it easy.

Minimum investment amount is determined from time-to-time by the Securities Market Regulator – SEBI, Rs. 50 lakhs currently. This gets revised from time-to-time as the regulator deems fit.

Yes, you can. The securities will be aligned with the portfolio strategy.

Yes, you can exit at any time. Pelican PMS has No “Lock-in” and no “Exit-Load”. Freedom!

Yes, you can. [subject to not falling below regulatory minimum stated above] Do not do that though, unless in urgent need of funds; stay the course.

Yes, you can. [subject to not falling below regulatory minimum stated above]

Audited statement is provided at the end of every financial year. We request you to take advise from your tax advisor.

1.Link provided to see performance and holdings as on previous day.
2.Previous month performance & holdings sent by mail before 5th of every month.
3.Third-party Auditor Report at financial year end.
4.Axis Bank is the Custodian.
5.Axis Bank is the Fund Accountant.

1.Monthly performance for Equity Portfolio as reported to SEBI is available here and in downloads.

2.Updated Presentation, Portfolio for Equity available here and in downloads.

3.Updated Review of Debt positions available here and in downloads.

Opening an account, understanding what we offer, pointers to improve our service, sharing your knowledge, your feedback on website, your service offer or any other reason. We like contact.